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Look, Mom, I’m on TV

End of week 2. It’s been hectic. But don’t get me wrong! I am enjoying every moment of it. The teaching is going at a very fast pace. Part of the stuff that we’re being taught I already knew from uni and part of it is new and understanding it is helping me get an even more in depth perspective on how aircraft fly.

Every couple of days we get to go in the simulator and experience how all that theory feels like in real life. Ok, almost real life! 🙂


For all of you aspiring pilots out there, do you know how to determine which engine has failed whilst in flight for a twin engine aircraft? The phrase “dead foot, dead engine” explains concisely and easily how to recognize which engine has failed when an emergency occurs. For example, when the right engine fails, the power from the left engine will turn the aircraft to the right, requiring left rudder to keep the airplane straight.  The right rudder would be the “dead foot” indicating the dead engine. I have found a very useful, in my opinion, article on this and why it is critical to have this knowledge. The author also talks about TransAsia Airways ATR-72, a crash in Taiwan which happened because of the captain cutting off the engine that was working.  It’s a good read and you can find it here:


In other news, did I mention that, together with my fellow cadets, I became kind of a local celebrity here, in Nyíregyháza? Haha! People from a local TV channel and a local newspaper came to meet us and our instructors at the airport yesterday. They asked things about our different backgrounds, how we’re finding the program so far and if we like the city. Not only that the interview was a lot of fun to do but I felt like there was a sense of unity in the group. And we have met just a few weeks ago. How cool is that? I truly believe that the next months will be amazing. This is what they came up with.


Oh, and the media people said that they will be back to see our progress.

In the meantime, check out me and Andre rocking the front page of Kelet.

Wish me luck for the following week, fellow aviators! And never stop chasing your dreams!