Friday, I love you! - Teodora Grama

Friday, I love you!

Hello world!

Great news! It’s Friday, which means I have two entire days during which I can sleep in late. That’s not going to happen, of course, because my internal alarm clock will still wake me up at 0615. But the idea is still very comforting ☺


Friday also came with some other great news. Have I ever told you guys that I was also an aviation journalist, briefly? Well, the first interview that I ever did was with Andi Nicolau, Romanian National Parachuting Champion and a Red Bull Athlete, who would later become one of my closest friends. Little did I know that I will make it on the official Red Bull website myself later on. The lovely Andreea Vasile, who also writes articles for Red Bull, did an interview with me. Find it here.

Great news number 3 is that after a couple more ground briefing sessions, next week me and my fellow cadets will start flying. The plane that we’ll be flying is the Socata TB-10. I believe it is one of the best looking single engine pistons out there. I’ll tell you more about performance once I get to take it for a spin. Ahem, flight. No spinning allowed; that’s what the operating handbook says!


In the meantime, we got to sit in it, familiarise ourselves with the instruments, various checklists, flows, walk around procedures etc.